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a8. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Sat 29th Jan 22
The basics:
* Enter 2 League Races per week (Tuesday -> Thursday). You'll see Invitations on your Stables page.
* Stakes Racing at every track on Mondays and Fridays, Cups on Weekends.
* Don't spend all your money too quickly
* Don't be afraid to ask questions in the Help Me Forum

This section is intended as a 'quick reference guide', particularly for new Track Kings. For more information, try some of the 'Newbie Guides'.

  • What do I do first?

    Have a look around. Don't click on anything that says it will cost you money until you're sure that it's actually what you want to do! Building your stable up will involve a bit of planning and some steady growth. The bank will allow you to go to $250,000 debit before they start forcing you to tighten the belt - but once that happens, it could take weeks of slow recovery before you're able to splash out again!
    1. Get to know your horses - check out their stats....and think about what distance/track conditions they suit best. Experience is valuable, so don't be too hasty to sell! (See Horses, The Race).
    2. Then you're probably ready to think about improving your facilities and training (See Training,Vet);
    3. ...and also to look around for some races to enter. Be sure to enter your Class League races. You'll see invitations for them on your Stables homepage, and a more detailed list of your Racing Invitations on your Races homepage (See Entering a Race).
    Good luck!

  • What do the stats of my horse mean? And why haven't they improved?!

    You can find a description of each of the Stats in the 'Horses' section of the Help pages (See Horses - Or just click 'Help' when looking at a horse)
    Most stats in Track King are represented by a level like 'Underdone (4)'. (See Denominations). The level that you can see is really just 'rounded off' from the true value of the stat. Although your trainers or vets may have been scheduled to work, it's possible that their efforts did not lift the stat into the next level - but don't worry, the system knows the true value. Keep trying, the stat will increase (or decrease!) eventually!

  • What is a Local Track?

    A Local Track is the place where your stable is based. It hosts 150 stables, it has its' own unique Forum (See User Forums), its' own weather and track conditions, and its' own resident tipster.
    More importantly, the Local Track is the home of your main weekly competition - the Class League.

  • What is a League Race?

    You compete one day a week in Class League Races (See Class racing). Class League races are the only races which affect your league position. There are 6 Classes at each Local Track, with 25 stables to each Class. At the end of the season the top 5 stables of each Class League have a chance to promote.

    Class 1&2 League Races are on Tuesdays, Class 3&4 race Wednesdays and Class 5&6 race Thursdays.

    It is possible to relocate to a new Local Track during the break between seasons, and it is possible to travel to any other Local Tracks to compete for Stakes and Cup events.

  • What are Stakes Races?

    Stakes races are just for fun, money, and prestige. They do not affect your League position. You pay a stake to enter a horse into the race, and get a share of the purse only if you finish in the top 5 placings.

    Stakes Races are run at every Local Track around the world on Fridays and Mondays. If you have not been invited to a Stakes Race, you can still enter but only within 3 days of the race date. (See Entering a Race)

  • What is a Region?

    Within each continent, there are one or more 'Regions'. A Region has a Regional Track (the track where Cup races and other special events are held). No Leagues or Stables happen at a Regional Track.

    Each Regional Track is supported by 15 Local Tracks. A Region has its' own unique Forum, weather and track conditions. It is possible to travel to any other Regional Track in the world to compete in selected Cup events (See Cup races).

  • What is my horse/jockey doing next?

    Each horse and jockey keep their own personal schedule. You will find it on each of the horse or jockey pages. It shows what time each different task will be started, and the location that it will happen in. If there is a clash in the timetable, it will be highlighted to indicate what the problem is.

    You can find even more detailed information about the Schedule on the "Schedule and Transport" page. On this page you can also cancel any future activities.

  • How do I hire a jockey?

    Hiring a jockey is important to get the best out of your horses. Senior jockeys will definitely perform better than Apprentices, and those apprentices perform better than the unlisted apprentices that bot horses use. There's a few small tricks you might want to pay attention to:
    1. You can only hire a jockey of the same Class as your stable
    2. You can only hire a jockey that is not contracted, or is not on holidays
    3. Jockeys only want to work for stables that have a similar prestige level to them. So when you search for a jockey, double check the jockey prestige you are searching for against the prestige of your stable.
    If you are still having trouble finding a jockey, try removing any extra search criteria you are using. If you STILL have trouble, then report the issue to a GM.

  • How do I get new horses?

    There are several ways of acquiring new horses - although you may want to be sure you've got room for those new horses in your stable (See Agistment)
    1. Auctions - You can buy/sell horses on the Auctions. Be sure about your bid - it can't be removed once you place it! The horse will move to your stable within 15 minutes of the Auction finish time, and once you purchase a new horse on Auction, they're required to stay with your stable for at least 3 weeks. BEWARE! that you're not bidding for 'stud rights' to a horse on the Auctions!! (See Auctions)
    2. Yearlings - Although less talented, yearlings are a cheap way of acquiring horses - you may get lucky!
    3. Breeding - A mare in your stable, and a Stallion you own (or stud rights that you purchase) and then wait a few weeks. These horses are often more talented than yearlings - depending largely on their parents skills! (See Breeding)

  • What do the staff in my facilities do?

    Your stable has several different kinds of staff:
    - Vets - help your horses medical and physical conditions improve, and help with births (See Breeding, Vet services);
    - Trainers - Undertake training activities with your horse to improve various stats and abilities. Services may also be sold at a profit (See Training);
    - Admin Staff - Involved in almost all financial operations of your stable, including (but not only) leasing of agistment and training services, and interest rates (See Admin staff).

  • What are Owners Club Features?

    Track King is free to play. However, there are some features available to you at a small quarterly/yearly cost, designed to improve your gaming experience.

    These features are such as bookmarks, customised stable logo and silks, a stable blog, access to Private Forums, summary pages of horses and jockeys, the ability to rename your foals and create Stakes races, and of course, unlimited access to Race Vision which allows you to watch every race that has ever been run in the world of Track King. (See Owners Club).

  • I'm having trouble with seeing Race Vision and Silks

    There's a few possible causes, but probably, just try viewing Track King through Google Chrome, and on a PC. As at 2021, many mobile devices and Macs have trouble with WebGL graphics.... I'm confident this will be less of an issue in time!

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