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03. Finding what you need
Tue 10th Jan 12
There's an easy-to-use menu system, and links within each page to help you explore almost everything!

There are quite a few different ways to move around in the Track King web site.

There is a 'Main Menu', which appears at the top of the page, just below the know, the menu that you used to get to this page! This menu gives you quick access to:

  • Home, where you can see the latest announcements, and racing information in your Continent;
  • Stables, which is a shortcut back to your own Stable page;
  • Races, a Racing 'homepage' showing all your coming/recent races (See Tracks and Weather);
  • Auctions, where you can bid on horses for sale (See Auctions), or purchase stud rights to a stallion (See Breeding);
  • Forums, where you can chat with other Track Kings in the online community, and maybe ask for tips or advice (See User Forums);
  • Shop, to purchase Owners Club membership and other Track King goodies (See Owners Club); and
  • Help, which you used to get here!

When you arrive at a page, you'll (hopefully!) notice that the menus on the right hand side of your page have changed to give you a whole load of choices about the page you are currently viewing. These choices are broken down into a couple of different mini menus:

  • Page Menu, which offers you things you might like to see or do related to the page you are viewing;
  • Horses, which will show you the horses that belong to the stable you are viewing. Of course, by default these will be your horses (See Horses);
  • Jockeys, showing the jockeys currently under contract to the stable in view (See Jockeys);
  • Races, showing the race fixtures for the Class league being viewed (See Race Classes) and/or the individual races on a particular day (See The Race!);
  • Forums, showing all the different forums you have access to (See User Forums);
  • Owners Club features like Guestbooks, Horse and Jockey summaries, and quick race navigations (See Owners Club);

Also, within each page, every horse, jockey, stable, or other name is a link to get more information about that object. Click away!

Objects are also colour coded in Track King, with all Races in Red, all Horses in green, Stables and Jockeys in blue, and Actions and Ratings in yellow/brown. So just waving your mouse over a link or using the 'Tab' key to select it, will hopefully give you a little more information about what sort of object you are looking at.


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