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04. Stable diary
Tue 10th Jan 12
* Your Stable keeps a diary which records all the events that take place in your stable every day.
* No other players can see your Stable Diary.

Your stable diary can be accessed from within the Stables Menu. It shows a running record of all the actions and events that go on in your stable each day.

This provides a valuable tool to catch up on what has happened since you last visited Track King. The diary shows the latest 50 events by default, but you can use the link at the bottom of the list to view older events (if any exist!). The diary also keeps a record of your activity in the Auctions over the past fortnight, showing you all the bids that you placed or received, and also any times that you were outbid. A canny Track King will use this tool to ensure they stay on top of the latest action!

Your Stable diary is only visible to you - so no other Track Kings can see your secrets of success! It displays the date and time that an event took place, gives you a description of the event, and in some cases provides you a link to the event. Where no link is provided, you might be able to guess what caused the event by looking at the date and time.

Some of the things that might appear in your Stable diary are:


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