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01. Introduction
Tue 10th Jan 12
All the fun of owning a stable of thoroughbreds - without the mess!

Track King is a free online horse racing stable management game in which you compete against stables managed by other users all over the world.

As a Track King, you take on the role of Stable Manager - or maybe even a Stable Owner! (See Owners Club). You buy, sell and breed horses, manage jockeys and invest the stable's money in training and veterinary facilities and stud breeding programs. You select Cup and League race entrants from the horses and jockeys in your stable that best suit the conditions and are in top form, plan your tactics before the next race, decide on what training is needed and much, much more.

You can keep yourself continuously updated on the state of your stable by logging on to the Track King website, looking at your race results (or watching the races!) and checking out the latest horses on the transfer market. You can also give your jockeys orders for upcoming races and tell the trainers how the horses will train during the week. Track King has been designed to be as simple - or as difficult - as you want it to be. Just entering a couple of races a week using the invitations on your Stables homepage, and setting a simple training routine for your horses will take less than 15 minutes a week. But if you really want to explore, there's all sorts of stats that you can look into to try and get that extra performance from your steeds.

The best thing about Track King is that there's no 'Game Over'. If your stable goes bankrupt, it's possible to reset (See Finances/Liquidation). And there's also no right or wrong way to play. Just keep trying, experimenting with different parts of the game, and sooner or later you'll hit a good streak of wins in races, or breed a magnificent foal, or train a superb apprentice jockey...each of which will carry you further along the path to being a successful Track King!

Quickstart Guides

The Track King Community have made many tools and guides to help people learn the game.



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