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12. Racing
Sat 03rd Oct 15
Class League races (at your Local Track Tuesday - Thursday),
Cup races (usually at Regional Tracks on Saturday - Sunday), and
Stakes races (Monday and Friday, at every track around the world!
Use Your Local Track to find local races, Racing Newspaper for broader options, and Cups Information - (See Entering a Race)

Horse racing is an exhilarating sport, and it's no different here at Track King!

There are 3 different types of races within the game:

These contests are held over varying distances, categorised as follows:

  • Sprint : up to and including 1250m
  • Short : 1251m to 1500m
  • Medium : 1501m to 1800m
  • Long : 1801m to 2200m
  • Epic : more than 2200m

League races will always consist of one race of each distance type, while Stakes and Cup races may cover longer distances. The exact race distance changes regularly to ensure all horses have the same opportunity to prosper over time. It's up to you to select the right combination of race distance, jockey, horse, race instructions and opposition to give your horse the best shot at winning! (See Entering a Race)

Some races will have eligibility criteria in place that your horse will need to meet, such as gender or age restrictions, or that the parent stable must be racing to an appropriate local Track or Region. You'll need to check the eligibility criteria of the race you want to enter to be sure. Class races will only impose loose restrictions - namely that you must be part of that Racing Class at that Track, and that the horse must be between 3 and 10 years old. The eligibility criteria are:

  • Age: All entrants must be aged within the upper/lower limit at the time of the race
  • Gender: All entrants must be of the specified gender/s at time of race entry.
  • Class: All horses must be racing in the appropriate Class at time of entry.
  • Location: All horses must be owned by a stable based at the specified continent or track
  • Maidens: All horses must have not won a race at the time of race entry
  • Apprentices: Only apprentice jockeys can compete in this race
  • Won less than $X million: All horses must have career earnings of less than the specified amount at the time of race entry
  • Rated below X: The horses OR when at optimum condition must be less than the specified rating

In order for your horse to be able to race, it must of course be located at the appropriate track at the designated race time, and it must also have completed 3 hours of Race Preparation immediately prior to the race. Never fear, this preparation will be booked in for you automatically when you enter a race - you just need to make sure your horse can get there!

Please note, horses that are at physical or medical condition of 5-Drained or lower 1 hour prior to commencement of any racing will be scratched from the event. Any bets previously made on these runners will be refunded by bookies, as is standard for scratchings.

At the end of the Race Meet (See Continents), prestige, purses, and Class league placings are all updated. Horses placed in the Top 5 will share the purse, while prestige is awarded to the top 7 runners - of course, the higher you place and the more 'real jockeys' in the race, the better the reward!

There are so many races available to enter in Track King - Stakes races twice a week, Class League racing, plus many Cups during the season. The big question is - which races will you enter, and which will you decide to miss? A stable would need to be very large to compete on all fronts...but be warned, the cost of maintaining a large stable is quite high!

H.O.O.F. Instant Racing

Instant Racing is a fun way to pass the time. Races run every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day

You can find H.O.O.F Instant Racing in the Races menu. Races are run every 10 minutes, so keep an eye out for challenges, or make your own! If you are an Owners Club member, you'll receive alerts for every HOOF race that is available.

The winners of HOOF races may get an experience boost for their horse. To qualify, there must be at least 3 runners in the race.The more runners, the more experience up for grabs, with 8 runners guaranteeing that the winner earns experience.

The Training Track

You can use your Personal Finances to send your horses to the Training Track - with no risk of injury!

For a small cost, you can take any of your own horses to the Training Track, using the banner link on the Home page.

The Training Track is the perfect way to experiment with various jockey instructions and horse/jockey combinations. Of course there's no race purse to be won, but the bonus is some instant knowledge about your horse - and a little bit of experience to boot!

Also located at the Training Track is the 'Arcade Mile', which is an arcade game featuring your very own horses! If you manage to place in the Top 3 for any of the skill levels, you will earn yourself a trophy which you hold until someone beats your score!


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