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g1. CBC's guide for newcomers
Tue 14th Feb 12

This section has been entirely contributed by CBC1, of Lonestar Stables. It should also be noted that there are many opinions on how to start your stable - this is simply one persons' view. It has been included in the help sections because it highlights how important it is to think things through before jumping forwards. As such, it is not a definitive guide to success - there are definitely many other options that would see your stable begin on equally good foundations, and maybe even better! - but the ideas listed here are certainly a solid way to start out, and if you take the time to think about each step, you'll certainly begin to understand some of the finer details of Track King.

"Here are some Simple Steps for brand new stables to help get you started:

  1. Read help section 3 times!
  2. Hire 1 admin staff.
  3. Purchase 11 hours of training. (3 hours will be leased to public.)
  4. Purchase 4 hours vet service.
  5. Apply 2 hours of conditioning or swimming training to each of your horses. (These are good simple training to start with that build body stats.)
  6. Apply one vet hour to each horse that are not at vigorious for medical and physical conditions.
  7. Hire 1 jockey. (This may take a day or two. If not then you can use a apprentice jockey for your first race.)
  8. Enter 1 horse that has fresh or vigorous for physical or medical conditions into a league race or stakes race at your local track. Look at your horse distance experience to figure out what distance race to enter your horse into. This will get you familiar with entering a race.
  9. After entering race, think about race instructions for your horse
  10. While you've got time before your races, there is a lot of useful info in the forums, especially from other beginners asking questions.

These are just some simple steps to get you started. You will learn more as you get familiar with Track King. Don't be afraid to ask questions because someone will help answer your questions. Good Luck and Have Fun! See you in the winners circle!"

"Simple steps for newer stables to be competitive financially:

  1. Only race horse if medical and physical conditions are fresh or vigoriuos. (This will give you the best chance for the purse money.)
  2. Train using 2 or 3 hours per horse. (Horses get more out of training doing short crisp workouts than long drawn out training.) (I read that from tk hairboy awhile back.)
  3. Purchase 1 vet hour per horse. Allocate to horses that are below fresh for medical and physical conditions. (Vet hours are for medical recovery and less for physical recovery.)
  4. Be sure to enter both League Races each week - it's free money!
  5. Enter stakes races with generous purses you think you can win. Enter computer generated stakes races with 6 to 8 bot stables and few human stables. Do not enter human created stakes races because the competition will be very strong.
  6. You can find some winnable stakes races at other tracks. Travel to other tracks on your continent is cheap. Average about $650 round trip for horse or jockey.
  7. Dont go crazy with money and expand stable fast. Be patient and expand slowly. Save money in case you go a week with out winning a race.
  8. Be careful not to spend to much money at the auction. You will have to determine what price you are willing to pay for a horse. You can also purchase a yearling that is most of the time cheaper than purchasing a horse at auction.
  9. Selling extra training hours and stalls is helpful but, you will not break even or make a profit by selling stalls and training hours. You must win races, sell horses, breed monster winning horses, or sell stud rights to earn money.
  10. Be patient and you will see the rewards!

These are just some simple steps. You will be able to tweak your finances as you get more familiar with Track King. Ask questions because there are stables managers who will be glad to help you. Good Luck!"

Written entirely by CBC1 of Lonestar Stables


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