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a3. Entering a race
Tue 10th Jan 12
* Check your Races Homepage for Invitations to future events.
* You can enter Stakes or Invitationals without an Invitation, as long as it's within 3 days of the Race.

The horse race - the main highlights of our Track King week, maybe only matched for excitement by the joy of finding your horse has levelled in another skill! All Class and Cup races require an invitation to compete - invitations will be presented to you on your Stable homepage, and also on your Races homepage.

Stakes races are invitation-only at first (to allow the Sponsor time to invite friends) but 3 days before a Stakes race or Invitational at 00:00, the remaining 10 or more positions become available to everyone, first in first served!

There are 3 main ways to enter a race:

  1. By invitation: Startpoint - your Stable homepage or your Races homepage.
    On your Stable homepage you should notice an area titled 'Important events'. This will show your invitations to Stakes and Cup races in the next 2 weeks, and also any Class League races scheduled within the coming weeks. Similarly, on your Races homepage you will find a section called "Your Race Invitations". This area lists all of your race invitations for the future, in order of when the race is held.
    Selecting one of these Invitation links from either of the pages will take you into the "Enter a Race" process with the race, date and track already selected. All that is left for you to do is to select a horse and jockey!
  2. By Race: Startpoint - the Race page
    If you go searching around in future races at various tracks, any races that you are eligible to enter will offer you a link to 'Enter this Race' underneath all of the race details. Following this link will also enter the Enter a Race process with Track, Race and date all selected.
  3. By Horse: Startpoint - one of your horses homepage
    When looking at any of your horses homepages, you should spot a link in the Page Menu saying "Enter this Horse into a race". Following this link will take you into the Enter a Race process with only the horse information pre-selected. From there, you can use the tools provided to scan racetracks for upcoming events. This will only locate races open to you within the coming few weeks.

You may elect to withdraw from races aytime up to the cutoff time for races in that Continent (See Daily Timetable), but be aware that you will forfeit any stakes that you have paid to enter the race.

If the race that you are entering is not at the same location as your horse/jockey, then you'll need to arrange travel. An option will be presented to try and have your travel booked automatically - these bookings will be made to try and arrive at the track as soon as possible before the race, and to leave shortly after all tasks have been dealt with. The jockey will remain at the track for approximately 1-2 hours after the race, so it's possible to save travel bookings if you are competing in multiple events at this track, by entering the early races first.

Remember, if you're planning on travelling to another track to enter a race, you'll need to book travel to the track for your horse and/or jockey - this must be booked at least the day before the race (See Travelling), and don't forget to book return travel!

Race Criteria

* Race Criteria apply to Horses and Jockeys at the time of entering the race.
* Search for races with Criteria that give you the best chance of winning!

There are several 'eligibility criteria' to keep an eye out for when entering a race. These will describe exactly what sort of horses and stables can enter. It is strongly advisable to try to find races which give your Horse the best chance, especially if you're a new Stable. There's nothing more dispiriting than a terrible showing!
Eligibility Criteria apply at the time of entering the Race. Horses will not be scratched where circumstances change after Race Entry has been completed

Possible eligibility criteria are:
  • Class Restricted - Only stables of a particular Class level can enter
  • From Track/Region/Continent - Only Stables based in the specified Track/Region/Continent can enter
  • Age Restricted - Only horses within the specified Age range (at the time of entry) will be eligible to enter
  • Geldings, Entires, Mares/Fillys - Only horses of the specified genders can enter
  • Rated below 30/40/50/60 - Only horses with an Overall Rating BELOW the specified level, as determined when they are fully fit, can enter
  • Owner/Breeders Only - Only foals that were actually conceived in their current Stable can enter
  • Horses born in the last X days - Only horses that were foaled or yearlings bought within the past X days can enter
  • Won more/less than 5/10 - Only horses with more/less wins at the time of entry are eligible
  • Maidens - Only horses that have never won a race can enter
  • Debutantes - Only horses who have never raced in a Stakes/League/Cup/Invitational can qualify
  • Won less than $xx - Only horses with career winnings less than the specified amount can enter
  • Racing Style Required - Only horses who possess a Racing Style can enter
  • Prestige level - Only Stables with prestige above/below the specified level can enter
  • Apprentices Ride Only - Only apprentice jockeys from your stable, or the dreaded 'Unowned Apprentices' can ride

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