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23. Travelling
Tue 10th Jan 12
* You can book Travel automatically when your horses or jockeys need to travel for a race.
* The further you are travelling, the longer it will take, so plan ahead!

Although all of your Class League racing will take place at your home track, sometimes you'll feel the urge to hit the road with horses and jockeys, and experience racing at other tracks. This might be for competing in a Cup race at your Regional Track (or a more distant Regional track!), or for participating in a Stakes race against opponents from other locations, or even just to give a horse or jockey more experience under given track conditions.

On entering a race at another track, you will be presented with an option to attempt to book travel automatically for your horse and jockey, or to book the travel manually. Booking automatically is the easiest method, with your horse and jockey being scheduled to arrive on the hour just before their preparation/race starts, and scheduled to leave just after the race - although your jockey will stay on for an extra hour by default, just in case you want them to race again at that race meeting.

If you decide to book travel manually, you can organise travel in one of two ways - either by selecting the Horse or Jockey and then using the "Schedule and Transport" link in the Page Menu, or by finding a race/track that you want to visit and then using the "Arrange travel to this track" link in the Page Menu.

Depending on your destination, travel time and costs will vary. The travel page will provide you with a way to get a quote for your travel cost and travel time.

Travel can only be booked for after 12:00 if booking travel for the same day, or anytime 'tomorrow' onwards, up to 14 days in the future. You may also cancel travel in that same period. Cancelling travel due to start more than 72 hours in the future will refund 2/3 of the travel cost. If the travel is any closer than the 72 hours then no refunds will be given.


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